Physical violence

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Physical violence

First things first:

If you are acutely injured please contact your doctor or a rescue centre as fast as possible because we do not treat injuries.

We will agree everything we do with you and will not do anything without your express permission.

The staff of the Clinic for the Protection against Violence is bound to secrecy, also towards the police, the public prosecutor and the courts. It is up to you to decide whether, when and how you want to use the documentation.

We will pick you up at the entrance door at the agreed time. We will provide for a secure atmosphere in a protected room for the forensic examination, documentation and photo documentation of consequences of injuries received.

The documentation does not mean that you have to file charges. Rather, it is possible to archive the documentation in our clinic so that you can also decide whether to report to the police later. It is also possible to use the documentation, for example, in civil proceedings.

We can offer counselling to people affected by domestic violence at the Clinic for the Protection against Violence, if they wish, in partnership with the Berlin Initiative against Violence to Women and Victim Aid.

If you are an in-patient in a hospital, are staying in a women's shelter / a refuge or have been injured on duty / at work:

If you are unable to come to us, we can see you in hospital, in the women's shelter / a refuge or at your workplace to carry out the forensic documentation. Please call and make an appointment with us or ask the medical staff to make an appointment for you.